Want to be my son in law?

I have two daughters, Nuha and Izzah. Nothing to do with Anwar Ibrahim's daughters, just coincidence. Funny because Anwar's third daughter has my name, Nurulhana. That is not what I want to write about today. I am intending to outline some of the conditions if any guy out there would want to be my son in law. Of course I am very well aware that humans can only plan but the execution comes from Allah. Nevertheless, as a mother, I have the right to wanting the best for my children. Yes, life is too short to be picky and choosy, but still, I do not want to jeopardize the quality of life of my children even though it is a short journey . Others might not agree but the guide below is solely for my daughters and may not apply to other people's daughters. Of course people can change and behaviour can be improved but the drive to improve must come from within the individual himself. My daughters are not perfect and I am not looking for perfection either...but I am trying to minimize problems which might occur some time later in their lives if Allah permits. May Allah bless us all. The criteria are as follows. The person must:
  1. pray 5 times a day
  2. comes from a family who also pray 5 times a day
  3. able to recite the Quran perfectly
  4. love my daughter unconditionally
  5. respect, love and get along with his own parents and family
  6. respect me and my family and able to get along with every single one of us
  7. able to care for my daughter's well being
  8. accept the fact that my daughter cannot cook
  9. does not play any musical instrument.
  10. observe Islamic moral conduct at all times.
The conditions above are subject to change depending on situation..and I mean no offense to anybody out there...Of course, as a mother I need to give all the support I can to make my children happy. After all, life is too short.....


  1. Ada kena mengena dengan si architect ke?Syyy..jangan marah,tahniah buat Nuha yang mendapat keputusan SPM cemerlang.saya selalu ikut blog dia,best gak tgk citer bdk2,kdg tu tak paham pun.Bagus la kalau dia nak ke Mesir.Adik saya,Huda ada la dok kat mesir 2 tahun.Kat Iskandariah.Dia kata kos sara hidup mmg murah.


  2. Aunty Hana,
    ini adalah sangat scary!!

    item 8 caught my attention, sbb saye pon x ske masak. but i think, org tu patut la terima ur daughters seadanya. tak pandai masak ke, terlebih pandai masak ke. ehe :)

  3. bakal suami haruslah yang pandai masak, hee :P

  4. Nuha tau tak kalau org lelaki pandai masak selalunya amatlah cerewet. He he he.. Are you sure you want that criteria to be on?

  5. Item #8 : Nad tak suke masak p.. bukan tak reti masak .... ;p ...Ilmu turun dari ibunda ...

  6. let me point out the 9 point...disability n impairment adalah ciptaan allah..kak hana seolah-olah menidakkan kejadian tuhan yang unik itu.sebagai seorang muslim seharusnya kita bersyukur walaupun dilahirkan cacat.mungkin disebabkan anak-anak kak hana yang dilahirkan adalah normal jangan lupa bahawa God's work in a beautiful way.....cuma org yang terpilih or the "choosen one" sahaja akan diberikan "anak istimewa"...wallahualam

  7. Dear anonymous,
    Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. I have a base for listing point 9 since I was referring to the guidelines listed by Rasulullah (saw) in his hadith when selecting a lifetime partner. One of the guidelines was 'keturunan yang baik'. The definition for 'keturunan yang baik' is very wide. I have no intention of denying Allah's creation, of course. I am very well aware of the uniqueness of every individual. Probably, as a mother I only want what is best for my children without really think my conditions will hurt others. For the best of everyone concerned, I will scrape point 9 from this list. Thank you dear.

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