My Retirement Story Part 4

 The Luncheon at Ideas Hotel on 25th September 2023

On 22nd of August, Datin Dr. Thusha Rani, the head of English language unit texted me asking for the suitable date, the theme and the number of my family members that would be joining my retirement luncheon. The first proposed date was 14th or 15th of September. But after much discussion, it was finally agreed by the organising committee to have it on 25th of September. The initial theme Datin proposed was 'Garden of Dreams: Blooming into Retirement'. Then, the theme evolved to Blooms and Lunch.  The final theme was Petal and Blooms. I have no objection to any of the proposed theme. To me, I appreciate the creative ideas proposed by Datin and I was really thankful for the efforts and suggestions. I told Datin none of my family member would be joining. I just felt it would be easier that way. Besides, to me, the luncheon was about enjoying the company of my colleagues.  I could always have lunch with my family members anytime later😃.

A few days later, I read the posting about the luncheon on telegram inviting people to join. The cost stated was RM58 per pax. I was really worried with the amount advertised. I felt guilty at the same time. I remember the last time we celebrated a colleague's retirement at the same hotel, we paid RM35 only per pax. So, I texted Datin voicing out my concern. But Datin told me that the hotel had increased the price.   She convinced me not to worry since she had started to receive bookings from my colleagues. I was humbled by the willingness of  my colleagues to join the luncheon although it was quite expensive. 

It has been the norm at our campus, when  a lecturer retires, friends from the same department would organise luncheon at a hotel around Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya.  Whoever is willing to pay and free to join can go. Normally we would go with the campus bus or coaster.

One week before the luncheon, Dr. Shapiza, the Head of Department, told me that I didn't have to go with the bus because she could take me to the hotel. I obeyed but at the same time curious why wouldn't we just take the bus. Dr. Shapiza then told me that the bus was already full and there wouldn't be enough space for us. There would also be some who would need to drive as well. Again, I was touched because the number of people joining was up to the maximum number the hotel could accommodate us.

My heart went to all my friends in the Department of Human Sciences, especially my KJ, Dr Shapiza, my KU BI, Datin Dr. Thusha, Noriza, Ramlah, Kalai, and the rest for organising this luncheon. I know it was not easy but my colleagues managed to organise it so well.  Thank you so much.  Thank you so much as well to all my colleagues who attended the luncheon. Their presence really meant a lot to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

There were also a few of my friends who had wanted to join the luncheon but couldn't make it because they were involved in attending a workshop in other states. For example Datin Padlon, Dr Wan Norlidza, Ruziaton and Wak Chu (Wak Chu had paid though). Some were on medical leave such as Bai. A day before the luncheon, Mr Masywawi (Bai) asked me if he could still join the luncheon since he was on medical leave for two months (I think) after he went through an operation.  I asked him to contact Datin Thusha. Bai was lucky because there was one last vacancy for him to join. Unfortunately, the following day Bai apologised to me because he couldn't make it since he was still queueing to see his doctor for follow up medical check up.  I told him 'the thoughts that count'. Many things happened were beyond our control actually.

The luncheon started with the MC, Ramlah thanking everyone for coming. Then, a doa recitation by Mr, Hafitz Khamis followed by me cutting the cheese cake bought by Dr. Shapiza.  Then I received the second bouquet of flowers from Dr. Shapiza. Carnation this time.  After that everyone went to get their food and enjoyed lunch. Towards the end of the luncheon, Ramlah, the MC said a few words, recollecting the memories she had working with me (if my memory serves me right), then Dr Shapiza gave a speech followed by me. I thought I would want to save my speech on the 29th of September, the day I would clock out, but I was requested to say something since some of them would be on leave on the 29th. The luncheon ended around 2:00PM. I can't thank everyone enough. I was really grateful to Allah and touched at the kind gestures I received from those who joined the luncheon.

Of course we took quite a number of pictures as shown below. 

Cutting the cheese cake

Blowing the candles. My 55th birthday was on 26th of September.

Thank you Ramlah, Japp, Ustazah Aziah and Ustazah Ilda.

Thank you Ainina, Dr. Shapiza, Liz Aliza.

Thank you Dr. Suraaya, Nor Afizah, Dr. NorSalawati, Asra, Dr. Shariza 
and Sharizan.

Thank you Hafitz and Khir, Dr. Azman and Maniyamin (not in the picture)

Thank you Dr. Haidi, Rozeha and son, and Ustaz Zuraidi.

Thank you Hafizah, Dr. Zanariah, Dr. Zabedah and Sharifah Hanim.

My unprepared speech

Thank you Zeta, Hayati, Kak Pah and Sabariah

Thank you Cheryl, Fendi and Zul pilot

Thank you Datin Dr. Thusha, Kalai, Vg and Liyah

Thank you again Ijan, Nina and Pza

Thank you Ustaz Lutfi, Zakuan, Dr. Izani and Zurihan.

Thank you Ati for taking the picture

Dr. Shapiza and I. We have been very compatible partner.

Thank you dear friends.

Thank you everyone

Thank you Japp.

Dr. Shapiza took this beautiful picture.

Dr. Shapiza - I can't thank her enough.

Hand picked by Dr. Shapiza to match the colour of our outfit.

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