Should I stay?

I like my new work place. It opens the door to the exploration of knowledge. I have no complaint serving the Kokurikulum Unit so far although I am not a certified co-curriculum coach. My boss is pleasant and my colleagues in the unit are helpful. However, serving the English language department (ELD) left me with a lot of question marks. I am lucky that I am serving the ELD as visiting lecturer from other department so that I am not responsible to the head of the ELD. Now, what bothers me is ...should I stay in the co-curriculum unit where I have no expertise to offer or should I appeal to work in the ELD where I could utilise my expertise and be good at it when I have to teach it. I know I am capable of working anywhere the director put me. I can even work at IT department another area of my expertise. Punithavathy, a colleague at the co-curriculum unit gave me her piece of mind. She said, it was true that I could work in any department but the bottom line is in which department I would be happy the most? Well, she got an idea there. I am happy in my unit now but the thought of the probability of not able to teach English language makes me become uncertain. Should I stay in the co-curriculum unit and leave my kind boss and understanding colleagues or should I move to ELD and work for the not-so-wise lady boss? Probably I would just cross the bridge when I come to it and follow my instinct.
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