Ever since I could remember, I have always received compliments and comments from friends, students and strangers with regard to my youthful look. Frankly speaking, I don't enjoy it. If given a choice I would prefer to look my age ... Why??? So that I would receive the due respect I should get So that I wouldn't be bypassed for bigger responsibilities and promotion So that people would listen to my voice and views There were quite a number of incidences in my career to relate to my point. Here are the major ones:
  • I failed to get APC in 2000 (my colleagues made a fuss when I did not receive the due credit since they observed my working culture - the administrator thought I was too young to get it although I have served longer than those who received it then)
  • I was bypassed for promotions (Head of Department as well as Senior Assistant of Student Affairs)
  • I was bypassed to get the APC for many years after that until the senior assistant realised that I was the last two candidates who helped to start the school hadn't received the APC.
  • I was treated as a 'kid' when I move to a new work place.
Sometimes I felt insulted when people made extreme comments. Here are the instances.
  • A counselor who posted to the school where I taught thought I was a fresh graduate when I have served the school for more than 10 years.
  • A salesman told me that I must have married when I was 15 when he saw my second daughter who was 16 then.
  • A fellow course participant thought I was in my 20's with an IQ of 40's when I am actually in my 40's!!! (Grr...)
  • etc
See, how people see me has become a liability rather than a mere lucky? Well, despite all the comments I have written above, I know I should be grateful to Allah the Almighty for giving me every thing that I have today. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah
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