Trailing the memory lane

Being able to meet junior high school and high school friends after some 20 odd years (almost 30 years) was really a blessing. I am grateful to my spouse for his understanding in letting me go with Liza, my junior high school long lost friend. I could not really recognize some of the boys or I would rather call men (since we are all in our 40+....hehe... how time flies). We were in our early teens when we were classmates, schoolmates and dorm mates. I can imagine how ugly, chubby, childish and untidy must I have been back then. Alhamdulillah, we survived boarding school. Being away from parents at the tender age of 13. What did we do together? Attend school, do laundry, make up beds, clean dormitory, play games and sports, watch movie, pray together, help teacher, study at night, .... the list could go on and on.... Those were the days.... Now that we have settled down with family and children.....we lead our own lives and take our own path and career. I must thank Ahmad Hazari Ismail (AHI), my classmate from form 1-5) and NorMuriani (who had helped me and took a great effort to find facial cream for my acne problem back in 1983) for their effort in reuniting us. Without their commitment and hardwork I don't think the event would be a success. Thank you to Liza too for being my co-pilot and for keeping me company along the way. Alhamdulillah, I really hope there would be some other time we would meet again.
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