The right man.

I found these quotes and love reading them.  However, there is a spelling error in the quotes on the left  which says "who'll squeeze you're hand..." You're= you are.  It is supposed to be written as your= belonging to you. 

The main reason why I post these quotes is to let my daughters know some of the characteristics they should assess when they think they have found their Mr Right. Mr Right does not mean Mr Perfect. Nobody is perfect anyway. But at least they should be well aware that getting married is not about two love birds living together and fulfilling duties as husband and wife. It is more than that. It is about understanding, give and take, compromising, complementing, accepting, respecting and many more....

To get the best, we need to be the best! Don't be so gullible and easily fooled by a man's charm. Always ask for guidance from Allah to lead you to find the right man who is able to accept you completely and not a man who would enjoy your strengths and criticize you on your weakness. A man who is able to see the beauty in you despite your physical appearance. A man who would not hesitate to tell that you are beyond compare because he has discovered your real beauty...


Indeed, Allah knows what is best for us.  My advice, live life meaningfully and be thankful every moment. Always trust yourselves and always believe that what Allah has in store for us would be the best because He is the creator. Pray for the best to get the best in this world and hereafter.

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