Don't make me walk away

Am still trying hard not to lose head
Am still trying to swallow the words 
The bruises are still fresh
Holding back tears
Prayers and hopes are faithful companions

Empathy has never been present
Sympathy has always been absent
Convenience is the key
Perfection must be made possible
Complement or compliment is not in the dictionary
Love and respect are disappearing
Care is fading
Responsibility remains

Overwhelmed to impress others
And hurt the other
Impatience and Anger revealed
Iman and taqwa concealed
Drifting away and further away

Am afraid can't keep the head straight anymore
Am afraid can't hold back tears and frustrations
Am afraid can't tolerate being used and feeling humiliated
Am afraid will put the feet down and walk away

Am just too tired

Tired of feeling scared of being scolded
Tired of feeling incomplete
Tired of trying to be perfect

Mercy Ya Allah
Keep giving patience
Don't make me walk away
If he  wants me stay
Improve his relationship with Allah

Praying for an eternal happiness in the hereafter.

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