Memories of best friends.

When I was small, I used to write quotes on friendship in my friends' autographs. For instance
  • Friendship remains and never ends
  • Friends forever
  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Recollecting my younger days, boy... I have lots of good friends and where ever I go never once I do not have any best friend. If other have only one best friend at certain time, well I have a lot!
Starting when I was in primary school, MGS Klang, I still remember my best friend was a chinese girl, Chng Bee Leng. It all started when she gave me a beautiful doll as my birthday present. I was touched since I had never had that expensive doll. Not only me, even my sisters had never had one. Then, my next best friend was Khalifah Marziana. I still keep her pictures. I wonder where she is now. I try to find her through facebook but failed.

Then, during my junior high school, SMKA Maahad Hamidiah, Kajang, my best friends were Ruzainah Ishak and Najwa Abd Aziz. Ruzainah is residing in Kedah, a teacher with 5 kids if I am not mistaken. Najwa is a syar'i lawyer married to Sahlan and have 7 boys! They live in Pangsun and do well in business. Besides Najwa and Ruzainah, I also had Azlinda and Zubaidah Saleh as best friends.

Then, when I was in high school, Kolej Islam Klang, I had quite a number. They were Rosiati Ramli, Che Sarimah Md Saad, Rahibah Omar, Noor Seri Othman, Mashitoh Ibrahim apart from Zubaidah who still went to the same school.

My academic life moved on when I was offered to take up TESL course in the USA. During the intensive English course in CML at Slim River Perak, I became very close to kak Shida (Rosida), Noriah Talib, Rozana Hasan, Intan Noor Azlin Ahmad Dahari and a few others. In the States, my best friends remained as Noriah and Intan. Noriah and I were roommates when we were in Azusa. Then when I moved to California States University Stanislaus in Turlock and Noriah went to California State University Fresno, I became close to Hayati Idris (Kak Long) and Che Ku Zarina (CK) since we became housemates. As I have always liked to challenge myself, I applied to be transfered to University of the Pacific, Stockton which is located north of Turlock and about one and a half hours drive from San Francisco. I reunited with Intan and we became housemate. Unfortunately, our friendship did not last. I regret it until now. How I wish I could see her and be friends again. I just could not recall what I did wrong but I do hope we could forget all the differences we had and let bygone be bygone. It would be nice if we could reunite with our families and reminisce the old times when we were very much younger.
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