I do not own a thing.

Normally, when we own something, we write our names on our belongings to certify the possession. When we buy a car, we have our names listed on the registration card. When we buy a house, we have our names listed on the document of the house. But when our names are not listed on the document, it means we do not own that particular thing. Nevertheless, we need to realize that actually we do not own a thing even if we have our names engraved on the property. Have you heard this quote, "We borrow the world from our children"? It is true. If we think that way we will not make any destruction to ourselves, to the land, to the sea, to the air and to the environment we live in. We don't even own ourselves. We don't own other people's love. We belong to our Creator. Allah could take our lives away in a matter of seconds and without warning. In fact, all the five children whom I have given birth to are also my temporary possessions. I can't even control their thinking, feeling and sometimes actions. Allah can take them away from me any time. Same thing, Allah can take me away from them any second. I have nothing that I can claim it is mine since everything is temporary. What is permanent? Our good deeds. We are going to bring the good deeds with us in the hereafter to help us on the day of judgment. Well, you would wonder why and how this topic come about. I am trying to justify my negative thinking, actually. When I think it that way, it helps me to be rational and think positively. Yes, I am the owner of myself for now (until Allah says I have come to the end of my journey), so I must be able to control the way I think and feel. I must be able to heal myself from the depression I am experiencing. Just accept the fact that nobody owns a thing and every thing that we have at the moment are only temporary possessions. Just be grateful. ... truly grateful.


  1. Salam.

    It's totally touched on how you wrote this entry Auntie..

    Yeah, u are right. be grateful...i do hope I can do that sincerely...

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