I miss my dad

Almarhum abah dan Syakirah (anak Zaid)

I called my dad 'abah'. My abah is Ustaz Hussain b Unang, a respectable figure in the world of the muslim scholars in Selangor. Abah inspired me to do many things. Abah knew me well. He knew what I am capable of and he knew my limitations. He gave me the liberty to do my own decision when it involved my future. I was deeply touched when he kissed my cheek after learning that I scored second grade in SPM. Other parents must have yelled and scolded like crazy, but not abah. I cried because I have disappoint him in my SPM results. I blamed myself for not studying harder. His unconditional acceptance had turned me into a book worm and study machine. I became a dean's list and was graduated when I was 21 to buy back the loss in SPM. Abah has never failed to encourage me to continue to pursue my academic achievements. To abah, learning doesn't stop when you have a degree. You always need to improve yourself by learning. Abah was delighted when I embark on my journey to do my master in instructional technology. I was hoping abah could witness me receiving the scroll this time since he was not able to do that after I completed my degree in UoP, Stockton, CA. Unfortunately, Abah passed away on 20th October 2008 at about 5.40 a.m. in front of me and the rest of the family after a long illness. Although abah is gone, I am blessed to inherit his courage, wisdom and wits besides his looks of course. I have never heard people say unpleasant things about abah. People adore him, admire him, look up to him, listen to him, concern about him and view him as a GURU. When abah was sick and bed ridden, I made a point to kiss him every time I see him. I did not want to regret later. Yet, I still feel that how I wish I could have kissed him more often. I miss him dearly. I am very proud to be his daughter. I feel blessed to have his blood running in my arteries and veins. I am proud to say that I am Ustaz Hussain Unang's daughter. I pray that abah will always be protected by Allah and the angels. I hope I could see abah in the hereafter as a family. Abah will always be the pillar of my strengths even if he is gone. Hana rindu abah. Hana doakan abah tenang and sentiasa dalam rahmat keampunan Allah selalu. Jangan berhenti mendoakan kesejahteraan Hana dunia dan akhirat ya bah.

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  1. Dah 100 hari pemergian arwah abah akak...
    Iza harap akak tabah ye...

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