Reading brings the world closer to you.

Open the door of knowledge,

Walk inside,

Pace up your steps,

Look around you,

Enjoy the beauty,

Explore your surroundings,

Stroll to different continents,

Learn about 1001 wonders of the world,

Understand different cultures and customs,

Appreciate values and traditions.

Strengthen your belief and principles

Open another door of wisdom,

Look into people’s eyes,

See lives from different perspectives,

Listen to various sounds,

Learn to touch the hearts,

Feel the uncertain emotions,


Discover your strength and weakness,

Overcome your stress and confusion,

Ready to face the world,

Revive your inner strength

Increase your will power,

Analyze others’ success and failures.

Need to open more doors?

Keep turning the page,

Reading brings the world closer to you.


Nurulhana bt Hussain

February 2007

Another poem I wrote in conjunction with the SMKS9 English language month 2007.

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