Mother's Day

Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful. I was able to celebrate my mother's day today by presenting her with a bouquet of flowers. The cost of the bouquet was shared by all the three of us; my two sisters and I. My mum is going to take her mother (my grandma) for dinner tonight to celebrate mother's day.

When I got back home, my eldest daughter presented me with a wish card, so I kissed and hugged her. Later, at 2.30pm, on my way to UKM to send my daughter for a two-month course, I got an sms from my son, Afnan, who was in Rawang training horse riding for a competition in June, wished me happy mother's day. I got back from UKM around 5.30pm. To my surprise, my second daughter bought pizza for me to celebrate mother's day. I was truly touched since the cost of the pizza was shared among my three children, Izzah (rm 22.50), Ammar (rm15), Aiman (rm13). It never occured to my mind that they are capable of organising such a pleasant surprise on mother's day. Since my mother in law is around, so I told her the celebration was for both of us since both of us are mothers. I felt pity towards her since none of her children came to take her to celebrate mother's day. Probably it is due to it is not her family's culture to celebrate such days.

Later I read Nuha's entry in her blog about mother's day describing how grateful she is having me as her mother. I am truly touched. All my 5 children are the apples in my eyes. I love them all the same. They are my treasure, my assets.

I am grateful, truly am. I am blessed for still having my mum and my grandma around to be able to celebrate mother's day together. I am also blessed for having 5 children who appreciate my existence in their lives. Ya Allah, I pray to You please safeguard my children from any danger and misfortune. May Allah bless me, my family and those who know and care about me.
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