Penang Trip

I was grateful that I was able to convince Afnan's father that I need to be there for Afnan when he competed for dressage at Penang Turf Club. Ammar and I took firefly on the 5th of June 2009 from Subang airport. While waiting for the gate to open, we had breakfast at a Kopitiam at the airport. We reached Penang around 12p.m., took a cab which cost us RM38.00 to YMCA international hostel. Place our bag in Kak Zaiton's room and off we go in the same cab to Penang Turf Club. Once we reached there, we were greeted by Sue (Elisa's mother) and Azlin (Hasya's mother) at the food court. Then Ammar and I had our lunch.

Ammar ate pizza and I ate pasembur. Sue, Dr Aida and I were the only parents who attended the competition without spouse. But Sue's daughter was only a volunteer whereas Afnan and Yasmin were riders. I was really glad I was there for Afnan when he rode Diamond. Looking at how cranky Diamond was that afternoon I was worried for Afnan's safety. To me, if Afnan was able to control Diamond and complete the course safely that would be a victory for him and me. I did not aim for any placing for him since that was his first exposure to a competition in dressage. Afnan managed to get the 8th placing, sharing the same % with Hana that was 57.65%.

The next day, Afnan competed early morning. I just loved to see him riding Diamond handsomely. He made Diamond trot, walk, turn left and right perfectly in my eyes. Again, Afnan got 8th placing. Winning is not everything. I saw how teamwork made them better individuals. The kids, helped, consoled and encouraged each other before and after the competition. Triple Bar of Selangor managed to emerge the second best performer of 'riding in school programme' next to Johor. Triple Bar managed to get the first prize for Handy Pony event. A challenging activity involving 4 riders in a team. We went back to Shah Alam on Sunday with the chartered bus. We reached Shah Alam at 12a.m. that night. Surprised that Aiman was still wide awake waiting for my return. I really had a good break in Penang. All in all, I think I spent almost RM1k for the trip that includes lodging, transport, food and souvenirs.


  1. Kak Na,takpa berabih..berbaloi tgk anak2 gumbira dan rasa mereka dihargai...sambil tu dapat gak bercuti,merehatkan minda...cmna rasanya tunggang kuda ek!

  2. Seram gak Hai. Kak Na belajar gak dulu masa anak mula2 masuk. Kaki kena kuat untuk support badan turun naik masa kuda trot and tekan bahagian bawah kuda untuk arahkan dia jalan. Kuda ni lak tau kalau rider tu confident ke tidak. Deal dgn benda hidup ni kena ada chemistry...

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