May Allah forgive us all...

To whom it may concern,

As a human being I admit I do make mistakes...probably my judgment or action is not always right...even if they are right...they are not favourable to you...probably the words that I uttered burnt your ears....but believe intention is noble...I am letting you learn ... I am letting you think... I am letting you take responsibility of your own action. I pray that Allah will open up your heart and mind and let you find wisdom.

However, if there's so much hate in your heart, I am sorry dear....too bad ...even if you despise me you have to accept the fact that I am a part of your life. .... you have lived inside me........... I could only splash your hatred with unconditional love and forgiveness but not material wealth. I have tried as much to fulfill your wish but everything must have its limits..... if you list down your granted wish list and compare it with the denied wish list... I am sure the granted wish list is longer.... If I am wrong, prove it then... there's always room for discussion and compromise.

My prayer for you will never cease. If Allah takes me away from you.... I want you to know that you are always forgiven. I will never stop loving you even if my heart aches inside...even if it stops for I would want to see you by my side in the hereafter.
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