Insyaallah I'll be joining IPG if Allah permits....

I was at the crossroad right from the beginning. Not wanting to disappoint myself if I am not able to be posted in IPG, I had always told myself that I will be going back teaching in school.

A call from one of my best friends last month had brightened my opportunity to enhance my professional development. She told me that there are vacancies for instructional technology posts at her work place. At first, I was scared if my husband would not allow me to go there. To my surprise my husband gave me the green light. I felt really blessed. However, I was still not sure since two of my children will sit for SPM and PMR next year.... If I join IPG, the working hours is from 8am to 5pm... meaning longer working hours .... but then I thought, teaching in school does not guarantee me to be home by 5pm.....

The thought of having the opportunity to pursue PhD really enticed me to join IPG. If I go back to school, the opportunity ends there.... looking at my age, no way I could pursue my PhD... Assessing the school environment, I will put what I learn to waste by 50%. I would be able to utilize the skills and knowledge at a very minimum level. I might not be happy after all. As my friend kak Hasnah advised me, 'choose a work place where we feel happy working in it and where people appreciate our expertise'

I called kak Yan and she also advised me to join IPG or otherwise I will feel deeply frustrated as she had experienced it before.

I did prayers and beg that Allah lead me to the right decision... not only for me, but also for my entire family... so far all the signs lead me to join IPG... with kak Hasnah's illness and with the stressful environment in school, I think I have to say good bye to the school. Not that IPG is not stressful, but I am willing to take up the new challenge. Being 40+, I should be ready to face new challenges in my career. After all I will still be teaching, but this time my clients will be adult learners.


  1. Go for it Hana..I am all behind you.

  2. Kak Hana, saya doakan apa jua keputusan yang akak buat, akak sukses :) go for it kak!

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