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The first meeting for the institution I'm working in right now was held on 31st December 2009...It was a loooooong meeting. I don't intend to comment further on how the meeting was handled but I would want to highlight how I was surprised when the director announced that I was returned to the kokurikulum unit. I was quite upset at first since I thought I would leave the English language unit for good. Mr Rohimi, a colleague from the koko unit asked how I felt about it. I told him 'I am moving back to koko unit with a heavy heart'. Then, during break I went to see Dr Rashidah Begum, the head of the English language unit (ELU) hoping to hear soothing words from her. I was again surprised when she introduced me to Dr Ranjit Kaur who is replacing me in ELU (when apparently she was not - she had been in JTP(jabatan teknologi pendidikan) for 12 years before she moves to ELU. Besides, two DG52 EL lecturers transfered to other IPGM). Later, she told me to vacant my cubicle and make way for Dr Ranjit to move in (when as a matter of fact Dr Ranjit has a room in JTP). Dr Rashidah insensitivity towards my feelings made me feel unwanted in ELU. When that happened I vowed to give my best to my immediate boss in the koko unit, Mr Noor Azzuddin who had actually fought for me from the director. The only setback in the koko unit, I am sharing a room with 2 more colleagues, Jap and Punitha....a little crowded and there is only one internet port connected to a PC (I'll bring swish next week) whereby in the ELU, each cubicle has individual internet port with 2 plug points. I am given 5 hours of literature class and 1 hour 0f English language proficiency class, plus 2 hours of koko management class a week. A total of only 8 hours of teaching a week. The literature class is quite a challenge since I need to study Macbeth and teach the students drama (I have never learned literature formerly in the States since my major was ESL which concentrated more on linguistics). So far I have taught them 5 hours... the response was positive! I am exploring and learning and teaching at the same time. I am enthusiastic about learning and teaching the big literature piece by Shakespeare and I hope my enthusiasm is contageous and shared by my students. Talking about my boss and my colleagues in koko unit, I'll start with my immediate boss, Mr Azuddin ... a nice young guy and soft spoken. I hope I am able to work for or with him .... My roommates, Punitha aged 48, very helpful and approachable. Jap..her real name is Nor Yatimah, 43 ...with her extremely short hair cut and macho look I thought she was arrogant and difficult to work with....but I was wrong...not bad...especially after we learned that we had Prof RM as our supervisor for MIT at UM. Rohimi is young...quite talkative and pleasant. He also likes to drop by our room and chat with Jap. Muzaphar, 45, is a funny and jovial guy. He likes to barge into our room and chat with Jap. He would call me 'Honey' every time he walks in. I take it as a delightful greet. Yesterday he was shocked to find that I have 5 children. He was even shocked when he learned that my age is 42 this year. He said he thought I was 30+. His immediate reaction was so funny. "Tak makan bubuk!" Well, that is just a metaphor for him to describe that I look young. When I reached home I told my other half...other people's praises and compliments on how young I look as compared to my age mean nothing if he doesn't share the same opinion. He grins..and after some persuasion, he then admits "Ya, Hana comel lote" Haih... Why is it so difficult for a malay guy to praise his wife voluntarily...without being asked? Well, at least, I am satisfied...because to me what's important most is how my other half look at me...if I am pleasant to his eyes, that is a major victory for a simple wife like me...I would not ask for more! Definitely! I only want Jannah in return for the hereafter is my ultimate journey of life.
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