Blaming PMS?

Women would always make PMS as their excuses when emotional turbulence strikes. Is it due to hormonal changes that I am experiencing making me prone to this melancholic feelings? There is a strong base for the blame of course. Most of the times, I was not touched by the remark or gestures made .... but when the turbulence sways it my way .... the same remark and gestures become a BIG DEAL. I am used to be told off and won't be poignant ... hmmm.... age is catching up I guess... As I grow older I become more sensitive towards the way people talk to me. I am very good of hiding how I felt inside me... since most of the time I would just ignore the feeling and let it disappear.... Yes, I used to do that and I am still doing it ... for entertaining the feelings will make me a weak individual. I cannot be weak for the sake of my children. They are still growing up ... and they need my love, care and support. However, I have to admit that I need to be recharged physically, emotionally and spiritually. Most of the times I do self-recharging ... but at times I need others to help me recharge. I strongly believe that happiness comes from within. Stay positive! I should not depend on others to make me happy. I am very well aware that I have to take charge and be in control of my emotion. I am bottling it all inside and I am going to throw it away in the sea. I won't falter... No! I definitely won't.
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