Changes happen in a lot of ways through the many stages in our lives. From being single to being married and then becoming a mother. From being a student to becoming a teacher and then a lecturer. Yup, when changes happen we always hope that the changes are for the better. The changes should improve the quality of our lives. When my daughter told me that she wants to make changes in the way she covers he hair, I said, Alhamdulillah, prayers to Allah... I am really grateful ya Allah.. My first daughter has decided to make changes in her life to improve herself, to become a better muslimah. I am really proud of her... May Allah give her strength and steadfast in the changes made. I am glad that my husband shares the same thought with me and we support Nuha's decision. I will never stop saying Alhamdulillah for I am really grateful with the blessings I received from Allah.. Alhamdulillah..
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