He loves me!

I know my he loves me! He drove all the way from Shah Alam to Melaka for the sake of me! I had problem with my car yesterday. When I was reaching Ayer Keroh I noticed that the car could not go beyond 80km/per hour. I noticed that the temperature went up to 100. After paying the toll, I stopped since I needed to wait for the rest of the convoy (Hj Shaari and the Institute bus). When the car was stalled, I noticed the temperature went up again. I turned off the engine and wind down the screen. I called my husband and told him my worries. Since the car could still be driven, I drove off until I reached the camp site. Unfortunately, I could not drive the car uphill to the chalet. The engine stops in the middle of the hill which forced me to reverse it. I made several attempts but still the car refused to climb the hill. So, I decided to park the car in front of the cafe and we walked up hill. Luckily a student brought his car and I got a lift. At around 9a.m this morning I felt so blessed and grateful that my husband came to replace my car with his precious car. He could have brought Hilux instead of his Merc. I felt so touched. Deep inside I know he loves me! He cares about me! Thank you dear. I feel truly blessed.
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