I love him dearly ... with all my hearts.

When you agree to marry a person, you must be ready to live with the same person for the rest of your life. You must agree to go through ups and downs, better or worse, thick and thin you would come across in your life, hand in hand .... together with the same pe rson. You must be willing to love him unconditionally without complaints or regrets. When I said 'yes' to my mom in 1988, I know that my decision would be final. I have never regret in marrying him for I have faith in my parents' consent. I don't deny we experience some turbulence in our relationship. There were times when I felt so low as a result of his words, actions and attitude but I would always force myself to look at the strength and kindness and not the weaknesses. I believe in one marriage for a lifetime. He would be my first and my last. My stand will last forever. He is the first and the last person I have given my hearts, my soul, my love, my dignity, my loyalty and my all. I'll make sure he is the luckiest spouse or at least he feels that way. I love him dearly. Nobody could replace him in my heart. NO ONE! Have a speedy recovery dear. Till death do us part.
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