Staying Positive

Last week I learnt that I wouldn't be able to teach English language anymore. My feelings? I was down.. really down. What do you expect? That's my bread and butter. I've been teaching the language for 20 years and suddenly I was denied from teaching it. My reactions? Well I talked to my colleagues (from my unit, from ELD and from IPBA) to voice out my worries. Then at home I talked to my other half. The next day I talked to the Head of the English language Department (she was the one who talked to me first actually). Then I talked to my immediate boss at my unit. The advices / comments I received? Every one else including my other half advised me to stay at my unit. Only the head of ELD insisted that I should appeal to the director so that I could transfer to her department. But after giving much thought and analysing the way she defended herself in front of the Deputy Director, I knew if I were blamed for appealing, she would not come to my defense. On the other hand, one thing for sure, my immediate boss will find all means to make me stay in his unit and he will definitely come to my defense. My immediate boss warned me against appealing to the Director or I will be victimized by the system. My decision? I am staying in my unit and am trying to be positive and stay positive. I know that I should explore and learn something new so that my life won't be mundane and boring. I am ready to take up the challenge. Why not? I am really thankful that my other half is always there to support me. Love you dear.
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