My prayer for you

I learnt about this mission to Gaza when I read on a friend's post of his FB wall about his uncertainty whether or not to join the mission. I paused after reading it. I did not give any comment for I had to think whether or not to encourage him or to ask him to think 1000 times before making any decision. Since I could not decide myself I postponed my intention to comment on his post. I let it go without thinking about it again until a week later my husband received 3 guests (his college friends) one evening. I got home from work that evening and saw 2 cars parked at the porch. I entered the house from the kitchen door to avoid the guests (YB Zul and 2 more friends) who were sitting by the fish pond. Once they left the house my other half told me that his friends invited him to join a mission to Gaza. I paused and thought hard. Should I say yes or no? Should I let him go or should I discourage him from going? Then I asked him ' Is this mission a jihad?' He quickly responded 'Yes'. Then it dawned on me ... who am I to say no if my other half would want to be a part of this mission of jihad? So, I told him, 'If it is a jihad, then GO! You have my full support and prayers'. I believe in fate. I believe that life and death is for Allah to decide. I know it would be dangerous to go to Gaza and I know it is going to be hard there. It was not easy for me to say 'yes' to him.. there are a lot of 'IFs' to answer. For Allah's sake but one thing for sure... my prayer would always be with him. I vow to become the pillar of his strength. After all, I am his other half.


  1. Auntie Ana...
    Saya sentiasa mendoakan keselamatan Uncle Akim ...
    Semoga die sentiasa dilindungi Allah dan selamat pulang ke pangkuan keluarga ... Amin

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