Aiming high

I haven't written for quite some time although I have a lot to write and share.... I have long wanted to write about my admiration towards the traffic police whom I encounter every time I go to work. I wanted to write about my gratefulness when my other half is back from Gaza. I wanted to write about my experience studying and working in the States. I wanted to write about how I feel toward the classes I am teaching. I wanted to share how frustrated I am when my website is gone due to the breakdown of the web host server. I wanted to share my Raya preparation and write about my worries about my children's well being if I am no longer around to celebrate Raya. ... The list could go on .. I just don't have the time to sit and write. I need to write my PhD proposal when I myself am not sure of the scope I would want to focus on... I am worried about the fund .. 3K ++ per semester ... yes ... I always want to aim for the highest and I am still moving forward .... May Allah make it easy for me to realise my dream of getting the initial PhD at the back of my name.
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