Eternal love

I had a good chat with a colleague at my office this morning. She is an established poet whose picture was published in major newspapers every now and then. Besides, she had won four literary awards at national level. As she is in her forth year of doing PhD part time, I took the opportunity to get some insights from her. She told me to research on something which I am passionate about or else I will find it tiresome. Since her passion is in Malay Literature, she studied all the short stories written by Dato Dr Anwar Ridhuan (Sasterawan Negara 2009). Through her critical analysis she found out that none of the love short stories written by Dr Anwar has happy endings. Through research and interview she then concluded that Dr Anwar believes that happiness and eternal love is only for and from Allah. To him love for and from mankind would always end up with dissatisfaction and disaster. After listening to her explanation, I paused to think .... I began to develop my admiration towards the nobel writer, Dr Anwar. I've yet to read all his pieces and discover the beauty through his writings myself.
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