Allah bless you my son

Alhamdulillah.. grateful to Allah for blessing me with Afnan, my first son. His achievement in PMR really made me and my husband proud and thankful. I always have faith in him because he has been obedient and hardworking although he likes to nag which is very unlikely for a boy at his age. I have never regretted conceiving and delivering him to this world. I had the chance to breastfeed him for only 6 months due to my hyperthyrodism and I needed to take medication. The Dr. did not allow me to breastfeed him since the medicine can affect his intelligence. Alhamdulillah, I am really glad and thankful that I followed the Dr's advice. This year Afnan will enroll in the Military School or better known as RMC (Royal Military College). I had the opportunity to be around when he took his fitness test at the College in Sg Besi. He managed to complete the 2.4km run in 13:30 minutes. Still, he needs to do his trainings every evening to upgrade his stamina to prepare him for the physical activities in the College later. I pray that he will be able to survive in RMC and continue to succeed in his SPM so that his dream to become a doctor will materialise. I will surely miss him when he is away from home, but I know all of us need to be strong and firm to ensure his success in the future. May Allah bless you, my son.
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