My tribute to Hj Omar b Mamat

I didn't know that this jovial man is an accomplished writer. I didn't know that he has written numerous novels and short stories. I didn't know that my children studied his short stories in school (Antologi Cerpen Anak Bumi Tercinta). I didn't know that he started his career a year before I was born. There are so many things I didn't know about him. I took his presence as a colleague for granted. I learnt about his colourful life on his retirement day! I felt so pathetic towards myself but at the same time feeling lucky after reading his profile. I felt so pathetic for my ignorance and I felt lucky because I have worked under the same roof as this noble man (for only a year). However, I still blame myself for not being smart enough to learn about him. I regret that many took him for granted, especially the big bosses in the college. He was not given the due respect, appreciation and recognition. I'm writing this with a heavy sigh..... People could be so mean and selfish. I guess, that is life... we can't have all, I supposed. Just be grateful and forgiving? Only when we see it fits!

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