Living my dreams

I've always dreamt of traveling to places which I haven't been too.... 20 years ago, I dreamt of going to NZ. The dream is far from my reach ... Then I dreamt of going to remains a dream. I've also longed to visit Taj Mahal to witness Shah Jahan's eternal love towards Mumtaz Mahal.....If you ask me ...the answer is not yet!. I had chances to visit Vietnam and Bandung with my ex colleagues before...BUT... the former I didn't have the green light to go and the latter I got to know it too late. Another place I wish I could go to is Korea....looking at my friends pictures on facebook, I felt the excitement.... I thanked them for sharing the pictures... at least I could see how the place is like. Besides, I was also hoping I could visit Salwa in Rome, Shal in Joburg then and in Stockholm now, Nisa in NY.... will I get the chance before Salwa comes back for good? I've been wanting to go back to Stockton, Turlock and Azusa as well as London to trail the memories I've left behind..... I've logged on to AirAsiaX many times...browsing, surveying and calculating fares for 6/7 pax... but in the end I had to jump to other websites or social network to redirect my frustrations.... Well I'm very well aware those dreams are beyond me at this point of time... Then, I logged on to AirAsia... looking for suitable dates and cheapest fair to travel locally... I haven't been to Tioman Island, not even Pangkor Island.... Redang, Perhentian.... I would log off when I could not decide on the dates and when the fare is beyond me...... Well, staying positive, I concluded that I have lived my dreams... I've performed Hajj, I performed umrah 4 times, I've been to
  1. the Great Wall of China in Beijing,
  2. Tokoname and Nagoya in Japan,
  3. Tehran and Isfahan in Iran.....
  4. I've traveled to Makati and Manila in Philipines,
  5. Phuket in Thailand
  6. Medan in Indonesia.
  7. I've lived in Singapore for about 3 years,
  8. I've lived and studied in California, USA for 3 and a half years
  9. I've lived in London, England for several months when my dad worked there way back in 1982 - 1985
I should be thankful and grateful... Life is short after all.... just be thankful... Thank you Allah...Alhamdulillah...
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