Calling from the heart

Landed on Heathrow Airport feeling nervous and uncertain, F and M were among the cream of the crops being sent to Oxbridge programme back in 1984. They were lucky for being selected as the foster children of one of the officers at the Malaysian Student Department. The dedicated and compassionate officer (Ustaz) and his wife would visit them and bring home cooked food to their place and every now and then would see to their needs until the Ustaz left London for good. Once, F came back to his home country for holiday and he took a great effort to visit the Ustaz. Time passed..... and passed ..... and passed.... F has become a respectable surgeon..... Time passed.... and passed...... and passed...... Once in a while the Ustaz's wife will talk about their foster children ... wondering what have they become ....... Once peaceful morning after suffering from multiple illnesses for quite a while, the Ustaz passed away...... Time passed .... and passed........ and passed..... Then one day, the surgeon suddenly reminisced the moments when he was in the foreign land and the kindness which had been extended by the Ustaz. His heart longing to find the officer. The surgeon's wife emphatized with the husband's inner desire posted an announcement on her facebook wall searching for the Ustaz or his family. To her amazement, the response she received was very quick and she got to talk to the Ustaz's daughter instantly. Sadness tone could be felt on the other end of the receiver when the surgeon learnt about the demise of the officer. The surgeon then called the Ustaz's wife and made arrangement to pay her a visit....... Alhamdulillah .... at last my mom gets to meet him, his once upon a time a foster child whom she would talk about every now and then. May Allah reward my parents' kindness with Jannah.
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