Plain describes her well (from her point of view). Nothing interesting about her. She is just a plain lady with no strong character. She'll be easily forgotten because she doesn't like to live in the lime light. She does what is being told without question. She is just a mere plain lady who doesn't like to complain that some people couldn't think that she too needs a break and a pat. Some thing that makes her wonder some time is she would normally feel low whenever she is around the people she loves. She wonders why... She tries to look her best;l she tries to behave her best; she has been giving her all; she accommodates her loved ones even if it means she has to sacrifice the time for herself. She hardly has the time for herself after all. She doesn't have the time to enjoy watching her favourite tv programmes. Even if she tries to watch movies that she likes while doing the chores, she received unpleasant remarks. 

 Some time she wonders whether her presence is only for the convenience of others. Doesn't she deserve to do things she likes? Probably she is just too plain that some people fail to notice her kindness. Ironically, this plain lady is quite well liked when she is at work. She gets her booster when her friends thanked her for her words of wisdom. ( A friend once told her that she gained a lot more after talking to her in one night as compared to what she gained in the whole of the 5-day course they attended). She recharges her energy at work so that it would last until bed time. Her existence and smile brings happiness to her work place. She has a lot of good news to share and bring home .... but she decided to stop sharing ... she feels the pain when she was being laughed at. She was laughed at when she told that someone says she looks like a celebrity... she was hoping to hear "you don't look like her at all but you are more meaningful to me and that matters" but she forgot that she is a plain lady. It hurts her to be laughed at... but she accepts the fact that that telling the truth may some times hurt. Luckily she is good at practicing self healing. 

 She uses self healing mechanism that she created herself. She likes to talk to herself internally. She is able to change her mindset to always see the positive bit among the negative lots. To her, smile is her best therapy. She smiles when others fail to see the strength in her. She smiles when others are unaware of her existence. She smiles when others deny her opinion. She smiles when others think low of her. She smiles when others take her kindness, diligence and love for granted. Sometimes I wonder how she heals herself. How she was able to smile even though her heart is broken. .... 

 To her, being able to breathe is one of the many signs of kindness from Allah and she shouldn't complain for the little unpleasant circumstances that she faces. Come to think of it... It is very true. She says if we spend most of our times complaining and feeling that life is not fair, we will fail to appreciate the sunshine and we will fail to see the joy that the rain may bring. One day, while talking to her friends, her heart was touched. Her clumsy friend told her that one day when she is gone, her husband will miss her clumsiness. Another friend told that her husband will miss her sulkiness since she sulks a lot. She thought deeply to herself... is there anything to be missed about her? She is just a plain lady. 

There is nothing special about her. She has never heard that someone says she is special in any way directly to her. Plain describes her very well. Her eyes became watery... again, she uses her self - healing mechanism ... Why should she seek for human's consent? She should be seeking for Allah's consent. It is okay to be plain in front of other humans as long as we are special towards Allah. She is lucky that she doesn't depend on others to make her happy. 

 This plain lady knows how much herself worth.
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