The door is closed

Picture taken from the clock tower in Prague

No room for discussion.
The door is closed.
Nothing could be said.
No questions could be asked.
No compromise is intended
No negotiation is extended
No explanation could be uttered
No consideration is offered

Too selfish to consider....
Too self eccentric to even bother...

Thought it should be otherwise
Thought there should be give and take
Thought there should be a shoulder to lean on
Thought there should be tolerance
Thought there should be understanding
Thought there should be support
Thought there should be care and concern...
At least, LISTEN...

Her wants are not of concern....
Her interests are off value....
Her feelings are meaningless
Her likings are not worth considering
Her views are not worth thinking
Her voice is not worth listening
Her frustrations are not a problem
Her embarrassments do not mean a thing
Her heartbreaks are not worth concerning

After all,
She will always be there

Never complain
Never defy

Just like a robot
Made of metal
No emotion
Need no hug
Need  no pat
Need no sympathy

The whole week
She is alone... when the rest camp out
She misses the fun,
She misses the experience.
She could not explain
She could not negotiate
Probably one night or two
Instead of four...

The door is closed, remember?
Ashamed, embarrassed, frustrated,
Name it!  
No place to hide...

She thought of driving,
3 hours to and 3 hours fro...
everyday till Friday.
No choice...
has been left with no option

The voice will remain silent..
The hearts has been determined
Pray for blessings from Allah
Pray for safety all the way

the news on the radio stops her...
Fatal accident on the same route she is going to take..

She sees dead end..
She turns to Allah
She knows very well
Allah holds the heart of all mankind

She could be wrong though
Only Allah knows
May Allah forgive her.

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