Dishonest means deceptive or fraudulent; disposed to cheat or defraud or deceive.

When you are given a sum of money for shopping and was told to use them as you like since the person who gave the money to you told you explicitly that he regarded the money as a gift for anniversary, can you be charged as dishonest when you use some of the money for groceries and household expenditure?

Cost of living is getting higher.  Let us see a few examples. Now, toothpaste costs around RM7.00, Head & Shoulder shampoo costs around RM19++, Fragrant Rice can cost up to RM60++ for 10kg, etc If RM200 was enough to buy provision for one month 20 years ago, RM500 might not be enough to buy household needs for a week.

From now on, we might want to just put our feet down and let the responsibility be taken over by the rightful owner. Being charged as dishonest is too painful for some to take it.

It is irony though ...
Very frustrating indeed - when a large sum of money given to other people seems so little... and the same amount of money seems a lot when it is given to different people...

Keep telling myself, life is short.... just be grateful  ... (and forgiving)

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