Letting it go

She has finally decided to let her wish go. No harm letting it go.  She would just let it go. Yes, let the frustration go. Yes, let the sadness go.  Yes, let the anger go.

She sees no point in sulking and crying.  Life is short any way.  If she can't get it now, it would always be later.  If she can't have it here, she might have it in the hereafter.  Her life is solely meant for the Almighty.  She feels very much better after talking to herself and confiding in Allah. Her course hands have never been held.  Her beautiful eyes have never been looked into.  Her cheeks have never been caressed.  Her shoulders have never been wrapped around. She was never offered shoulders for her to lean on. Her feelings was unheeded.  She knows she deserves more but she dares not complain.  Her happiness does not depend on people or things. Her goal is clear...she is aiming for Jannah - to live in paradise in the here after.  


  1. Keep writing Hana. I am trying to start writing again :)

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