1 Rejab 1444H


Tonight is the starting of Rejab 1444  in Hijri Calendar. Meaning, Ramadhan is 90 days away. Alhamdulillah. May Allah allow us to go through Ramadhan Al Kareem again this year.  Let's keep reciting the above prayer after every prayer to ask for mercy from Allah so that our life is spared till we reach Ramadhan at least. 

Let's be excited to welcome Ramadhan. What ever deeds we do during Ramadhan, Allah will reward us multiple times. Let's aim to be a better muslim this year by practicing sunnah Rasulullah saw as much as we could, by reciting the Quran everyday, by giving sadakah and charity and by performing extra solah especially Tarawikh throughout the month of Ramadhan.

Those of you muslimah who still have not replaced your fast due to mensus or illness during Ramadhan last year, please replace your fast soonest possible. May Allah let us be among the righteous.

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