The true meaning of life


Life is a journey from the Creator to the Creator

We are created to worship God

To be His faithful servant

To please Him in our intention, thoughts, words and actions.

Take time to reflect

Have we been a grateful servant?

Sometimes we are tested in so many ways

Sometimes we feel that we are narrowed

To a corner that we could not turn around

We sigh, we question, we fluster

Some other times we are tested with pleasure and success

We are so proud of our accomplishments,

That we forgot to share our fortune with the less fortunate

Sometimes our principles are challenged

We get agitated and disheartened

That discourage us from making improvements

We live to succeed and hate failures

We live to love and be loved by others

We live to honour and want be honoured

We live to serve and wish to be served

We live to respect or yearn to be respected

We enjoy getting contributions but we hardly contribute

We are just too busy making a living to keep on living

Life will be more meaningful if

We know that our existence give positive influence to others

When people are better as a results of our presence and

the positive impact of our presence lasts in our absence

That would be the results if

We live to impress the Creator and not His creations.

Once we understand the purpose of life

We will keep on going strong until the Creator says our time is up.

By Nurulhana Hussain


30 January 2023

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