What Life Is


Life is never meant to be fair
If you could accept it
you will be able to
make peace with yourself.
To be contented with what you have
is easier said than done as
life is full of ups and downs.
Understanding the purpose of life
is the key to understanding
the meaning of life.
Holding on to and practice your faith and beliefs
Will give you the strength you need
to keep moving forward and staying alive.
Life is a race
But winning is not everything
Trying your best and giving your all
matter the most for
life is a battle not a gamble.
Losing the first few rounds
will not determine you will lose
every consecutive rounds
Acknowledge challenges positively
Life is full of surprises
View what life has given you
by looking for rooms to improve
When life gets better
Pray and work hard
When life gets tougher
Pray and work even harder
Always give your best to the world
The world will kindly give the best you deserve.
Nurulhana Hussain
16 January 2023
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