Mini reunion@40

27th November 2008 - I really had a great fun. A mini reunion of CMLites class of '86 when all of us turned 40 this year. Yati, CK Zarina, Zalilah, Haniza and Noriah gathered at my house. Yati from Rawang fetched Ila at Kepong and CK at Vistana apartment in KL. They arrived at around 4p.m. Later around 6.15 Haniza joined. Noriah came after maghrib.

I was really excited about their coming. I cooked serawa durian and chicken curry to be eaten with roti jala (I jala myself of course). Then, I fried macaroni. I asked my maid to fry curry puff which I had prepared the day before.

Yati and I and Nor had been housemates when we were in Azusa, LA. Then, when we moved to Turlock, Yati, Ina and I became housemates. Nor and Ila were in Fresno. Haniza was way up in Nebraska. Then, when we moved to Stockton, I lived with Intan. Yati and Ina got their own housemates later on.

There were so many memories that we shared yesterday. All the precious memories from universtiy sweet hearts to classes that we had attended and to the present moments. Gosh, there were so much to catch up with each other.

Looking at academic achievement, Haniza is now a philosophy doctor, teaching in UIA Gombak. Yati is doing her PhD, just finished her first semester. Ila just got back from Jeddah teaching in King Abd Aziz College for I year and now back for good and teaching part time in UIA. Nor has her MA in TESL teaching in IPBA. Ina is a teacher in school again after giving her service for several years in PPD. As for me I am an MIT student in UM. Just completed my second semester. I feel that we are all blessed for having and being able to achieved what we want in life.

I am very grateful that we are all doing well both in our family life and career. I hope we will see each other again soon and recollect the moments that we have been through together which had made us wiser individuals.
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