Health Check and CPR Course

Sunday, 30th November 2008.

I woke up around 6a.m. this morning and cooked nasi lemak (13 lengs) once I had taken a shower and performed my prayer. At 7a.m. I drove to the wet market in Section 6 to claim kuih seri muka and talam ubi which I had ordered earlier. They cost me RM50.00.

Once I got back home I placed all the food on the serving tables I have arranged in front of the fish pond. Then, Dr Hasni arrived bringing murtabak raja and stuffs for the nurses and staffs from the health unit. Later, the nurses and another Dr arrived together with the other guys and staffs from the health unit.

The second person to arrive was Datin Faridah. She brought bread pudding with raisins and almond flakes. Then more neighbours started to come and did the glukose and cholestrol checks. Mine was in the normal range. At around 9.45a.m. everyone who came went into the house to listen to the talk and course on CPR. The instructor in charge was Mr Mohan. He gave a very clear presentation on the course. Basically, we need to remember D R A B C.

D is for Danger - we need to assess the situation. Move the danger away from the casualty or
move the casualty away from the danger.
R is for response - we need to pat hard on the casualty's shoulder for response. If there is no
response, then we need to call for help.
A is for Airway - One palm is placed on the casualty's forehead and use two fingers from the
other hand to tilt the jawline to unblock the airway of the casualty.
B is for Breathing - Listen to the breathing noise by placing our ear on the casualty's nose. At the
same time feel for any breathing heat from the casualty's mouse and look for
any breathing movement on the chest. When there is no breathing, squeeze
the casualty's nose and give mouth to mouth resusitation twice. Then, check
for pulse.
C is for CPR - Once we are confident that there is no pulse, start giving CPR on the casualty's
chest for 30 times. Make sure our body position is right and we lock our
elbow so that we could use our body weight to put pressure on the chest.
Then, blow the casualty's mouth twice again and repeat the CPR for 5 cycles.
Check for pulse. Keep doing it until help arises.

Besides CPR, Mr Mohan also demonstrated to us how to help if a baby or an adult is choking. The session ended at about 12.00p.m. Then guests continue with the food and house tour.
Everyone left at about 1.00p.m.
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