Smart Teaching and Learning Seminar

December 1st, 2008.
Dewan Bestari, Faculty of Education
University Malaya Kuala Lumpur.
8.30a.m. - 4.30a.m.

First Slot
The Keynote was delivered by Professor Dr John Arul Philips, Dean of School of Education and Cognitive Sciences from Asia e-University, Malaysia.
Title: Using the Internet for Higher Education Teaching and Learning: A Case Study.
Prof John highlighted two major functions of Web in serving the digital natives of today:
1. As communication tool (eg. online forum/blog, wikis, facebook, etc)
2. Repository (vast resources in teaching and learning- eg. articles & pdf files, e-books, videos, etc)

Prof John also introduced SIM - Self Instructional Modules/ Materials
  • clearly stated objectives
  • advice about how to study the materials
  • learner is active
  • activities
  • a conversation/ dialogue in print
  • learner is helped to apply new knowledge
  • structure is made clear
  • content is divided into small sections
  • extensive use of access devices to help reader
  • illustrations and diagrams used
Second Slot
Prof Dr Abdul Halim Sulaiman, Deputy Director of Academic Development Centre, University of Malaya, talked on a topic 'Engaging Teaching and Learning with Moodle'. Prof Halim emphasized that the digital natives of today do not rely only on classroom as the source of knowledge. Since Moodle is an open source for LMS, teachers and lecturers should utilize it to complement face to face teaching. It can be used as a platform for students to construct their own learning since it has social networking tools such as forum, blog, wiki and chat.

Third Slot

Ahmad Hazman Yusoff
, Project Director for EP-TEC Solution Sdn Bhd., talked about Getting the Most from Interactive Whiteboards (IWB). He mainly highlights the functions available in IWB as compared to traditional whiteboards.

Forth Slot

Elham Arabi, a graduate student from Iran presented on a topic ' Best Practices in ICT empowering Pre-Service Teachers'.

Fifth Slot

Foo Sze Yen
g, MIT student, presented on a topic, 'Reflective Learning Through Weblogging'.

Sixth Slot
ma Sayuti bt Mat Khalid, a PhD student presented on a topic 'Classroom Journey with Web 2.0'

Seventh Slot

Ng Huey Zher, MIT graduate, presented a topic 'Assessment via YouTube'.

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