Cadbury's fun

16 November 2008

I brought my children, Izzah, Afnan, Ammar and Aiman to Sunway Pyramid to enjoy the day. Nuha did not come with us since her SPM papers are not finished yet and she needed to study.
I decided to use the valet parking since I have missed the entrance to the basement carpark. Anyway it only cost us RM8.00, so not bad for the convenience.

We started off to see the chocolate exhibition and activity by Cadbury's.

We have to buy chocolate worth of RM10 at least to be able to receive 10 points. These points could be used for the children to take part in the activities provided. Aiman got to colour a keychain and decorating biscuits. Ammar and Afnan competed in spelling words using letters taken from boxes filled with some sort of insects. Afnan won and received a prize. Later, Afnan and Ammar played a video game. Afnan lost but Ammar won a small teddy bear. Izzah used her points to taste chocolate fondue with marshmallows. At last, Afnan and Ammar tried to grab at least 8 letters printed in blue in the windy box but both of them failed to get any prize.
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