Fish Spa

16 November 2008 On the same day we went to Sunway Pyramid, we accidentally bump to a fish spa outlet. My children were so excited to experience having little fishes biting the dead cells on their feet. Since the outlet gave special promotion price and looking at he kids faces who are so eager to give it a try, we walked in.  I was charged RM39 per session of 30 minutes (promotion price). Whereas the rest of the kids were charged half, RM19 each except Aiman (free - since he is too small). Aiman was too busy playing with his gameboy while the rest of us were enjoying the spa. I was given a free hand and feet massage for 5 minutes at the end of the session. I ended up buying the expensive massage lotion used as the salesgirl claimed that the lotion has softening and whitening functions which would be best for Nuha.


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