Family Day without me..

The Unang's family day was held on 24th to 26th in A Famosa Resort in Melaka. Who attended? The Hussain Unang's family (Malaysia) and the Nam'ah Unang's family(Singapore). My second daughter was the only representative from my family when every body else turned up.

It is very upsetting, of course for not being able to attend the gathering. I am glad my daughter had a good time there and had the experience of knowing the family tree from my side. I feel very frustrated indeed. There were so many available reasons that contribute to my inability to go to Melaka when those reasons could actually be overcome if .... (let it be only me who knows).

Regret? Indeed! No question. Can't help it! Blame? Of course! Who would not? Too selfish! Irritated? Definitely! Especially, when you know your existence is only for convenience....

Just wonder.... do you have to wait until you lose a person before you realize how meaningful her existence is towards you? Or you would never realise... would you? Is it too late? Only time will tell. Mercy.... Ya Allah.


  1. Salam Hana..well, I think life is full of sacrifices...

    There will always be next time..InsyaAllah.

  2. Kak Na, sedih iza baca akak tengah sedih... =(

    Sabar ye kak. Iza yakin akak seorang yg kuat, that's y Allah pilih akak untuk di uji =) Tak ramai orang yg boleh buat macam apa yg akak buat. InsyaAllah, pasti ada kemanisan di penghujungnya.. jgn risau ye kak =) Iza doakan akak bahagia selalu... dan dapat apa yg akak inginkan suatu hari nanti.. AMIN..

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