Is it wrong to laugh?

Laughter is a sign of being is true! Laughing is supposed to be a therapy. Any objection? Can a laughter become cynical? Depends. Depends on what? Depends on the reasons for laughing? Would you mind being laughed at if the laughter comes from a person who would do anything for you? What if the person does not mean to laugh at you but laugh for the fact that she considers funny?

Is it wrong to laugh when you feel funny to what you heard? Why must a laughter be misinterpreted? Should one just stop laughing? One might as well erase the word laugh from one's dictionary of life. No reason for one to laugh any more. No reason to share feelings anymore. No reason... especially when what ever is said being misinterpreted many times.
No more laughter.. You won't be hearing it anymore.

Will you miss to hear the laughter? Don't think so since selfish is your outfit. Are you able to bring back the laughter? You don't even care if you are or not. What you care about would only be to fulfill your needs and desires. You would be too selfish to notice the difference any way. Say farewell to laughter... too tired to laugh anyway.
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