Ayam masak Kurma especially for Nuha


Chicken of course (half)

1/4 '' of ginger
4 cloves of garlic
5 cloves of shallots

to be pounded or blended
then mix with 3 tablespoons of kurma powder (add some water).

other ingredients:
bunga lawang
buah pelaga
tamarind juice
coconut milk (if you are using powdered - use half a packet and add with a glass of water)
green chili (if available)

Heat some oil in a cooking pot. Saute cinnamon, bunga lawang and pelaga. Then add in the pounded ingredients and salt. Fry until yellow. Then add in the cut chicken. Add some water and cut potatoes. Stir once in a while and leave it until the potatoes are 3/4 soft. Then, add in the coconut milk. Stir. Add in some tamarind juice. Add seasoning and salt to taste. Let it simmer for a while or until the potatoes are soft. Before turn off the stove, add in green chili cut in half and tomatoes cut in 4. Ready to serve.

Happy cooking!


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