It takes a mother to know how mothers feel... When a mother made a request to her daughter who is also a mother but her daughter who is a mother could not fulfill the request of her mother resulting both mothers to become sad.

Sometimes, a mother just wants to go for a ride with her daughter for no particular reasons. Her daughter understands that but her daughter's guardian forbids her from going for the ride with her mother also for no particular reasons.

The daughter feels so much pressured inside because she knows that her mother's love has no boundary but her guardian's love comes in boxes. Besides, some times, the daughter feels unappreciated when she is around her guardian. The daughter doesn't know how to make things right. The daughter pity her mother but needs to obey her guardian.

Should the daughter defy? Should the daughter defend for her right? The daughter prays that Allah will soften the guardian's heart and open up his mind and eyes. The daughter feels helpless and she has only Allah to turn to because her daughter who used to lend her ears is away. Her other daughter hates her and only talk to her when she needs something from her.

Sometimes this daughter couldn't help thinking would she experience the same thing later? She still remembers how her guardian forbid her from joining her mother and family get together 3 times. Would her future sons in law take her daughters away too? This daughter doesn't have the answer....May Allah always bless her and her mother...
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