Seeks comfort but got blame instead

Sometimes when we are in a middle of a crisis or having a problem, we need to tell somebody we trust to share the confusion we have. But my intention to share the problem did not get any sympathy. I wish to seek comfort by telling what had happened but I was blamed for letting it happen. I felt so frustrated and hurt inside... ..Allah, help me!

When the whole story had not been laid out, conclusions were made. I hate to quarrel so I just admitted my fault. To my surprise that caused anger. I felt so pathetic. I felt like I wanted to just shut my mouth forever...I felt so inadequate. People would think I was lucky ...why didn't I feel lucky? Because most of times I feel incomplete...I would normally hear complaints....complaints about my cookings, complaints about the actions I took, complaints about the things I said, complaints about the decisions I made..and the list could go on.... Anybody in my position would feel the same.

Sometimes it makes me wonder...why?I am just not good enough, huh?


  1. the kata kunci is: sabar.
    kekadang kita leh jadi pendengar yg setia utk org lain, tempat bergantung utk org lain, tapi org lain belum tentu boleh jadi penyokong kita.

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