My colleague was right when she asked me to decide which unit or department I would want to serve in the following semester since I am serving both extra curricular unit (ECU) and English language department. She had gone through the same experience before - serving both ICT and English language Departments. I've been victimized quite a number of times. First, I was appointed as the coordinator for a subject I am teaching by the department I am helping. As I was willing to learn, I accepted the appointment without question. Little did I know I was not supposed to accept the appointment since I am serving a different unit. As a new comer I found that very little coaching was extended to me or should I say NIL because what I got was merely a list of things to complete and submit as well as a few old samples given to me which I found have some errors and not up to the standard. Second, I was called to attend meetings held by the ELD without them informing the Head of the unit I am serving. One morning I went to the college next door to attend a meeting on EL Camp after receiving the letter from the Head of ELD. I was too ignorant at that time to realize that I needed to inform my immediate boss about my going. He called me that morning and gave me a surprised remark for not being informed. I had to apologize and I felt that I was being used again. Third, forth, fifth and sixth are trivial things which had made me started to feel annoyed. They are not worth to be conveyed here. Recently is about the MBI course. The last 2 phases will be combined to 1 phase only. Therefore, instead of 3 days a week for another 2 times, trainers and teachers will now have to go for one last phase for 5 days. I have no problem being involved in the training since it is held near my residence. But the time given to me this time is on the first week when the institution reopens after the holidays. My immediate boss said that he would need my help the most on that first week since there would be meetings and coordinating of the extra curricular activities to handle. I tried to arrange for mutual exchange with the other colleagues. Apparently everybody would be busy on that first week. Once again I felt that I am being used as a scapegoat. I regret that the Head of ELD did not consult my immediate boss before she puts me in the schedule. A new comer like me would always be easily bullied...huhu...
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