Pharoah's tomb

I was pretty excited to see the pyramids for real. It is the second wonders of the world that I've visited (the first was the great wall of china). As my husband told me, once I have visited the pyramids, my journey to Egypt is considered complete... well yes I agree ... There were 40 of us travelling with Tiram Tours. As we stepped out of the bus, a guy approached the group to offer some group photo at 25 egyption pound. I have no problem taking pictures but I will not buy the photo... the same situation I experienced at The Great Wall of China.

I see no point of buying the picture as I have mine in my hand phone camera. Then, while I was taking pictures with my children, Izzah and Afnan, two egyptian guys approached me. One of the guys gave me a piece of cloth with soft igal. "It is for you. It's free" he said. I refused to take it because I am very well aware that nothing is free but he put it in my hand. Then, he dragged Afnan farther away from the crowd which forced us to follow. I told him to stop 3 times. I told Izzah that I didn't like it and something fishy is going on. He finally stopped at one point and asked us to pose. He took our picture with Izzah's camera and insisted for some money for his effort. I told him too bad that I didn't ask for his help in the first place. He came close to Afnan and insisted that Afnan give him something..Malaysian note, bag, souvenirs...anything.

I was mad and dragged my children back to the crowd. I told them to call my sister's husband hoping those two guys would walk away...and Alhamdulillah... he did as my brother in law approached us after he snatched the thing that he gave me for free in the beginning (funny!..) . Ironically, my brother in law got the same experience..his kopiah was snatched and not returned since he refused to give him something.

Then, another friend related the same experience when his camera was being brought away but he was able to snatch it back from the Egyptian's hand. We can't help giggling thinking back the incidents and we concluded that the place is indeed haunted by the evil of the Pharaoh.

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