Without Me

I am going away for 2 weeks... but I am thinking what if I am going away for good.... would my absence make a difference? I just watched 'P.S. I Love You' on Astro and wonder how would life be without me being around my loved ones. Yup, my loved ones = the ones I loved. And the feelings are not necessarily mutual. So I guess they would be okay without me. They just need little time to get used to it... Therefore, without me nothing much would change ... the house could still be maintained. The kids could still take up the course they would want to excel in after SPM. Besides, my spouse is a better cook than I am ... so, I don't really have to worry much, right? After all he deserves a better wife. Someone tall perhaps. I am convinced that life would go on just the same even without me.... Thank you for all the good memories and care. I would cherish forever.

 I did not mean to hurt anybody with my writings. It is just my way of letting what has been cooped up inside me when the melancholic mode strikes every month. Well, never in my life I take things for granted. Having been given a verdict by a doctor that I may not live to see my kids grow up 8 years ago have taught me to appreciate life and people. I accept people's behaviour and attitude without conditions. I would let them do what they like best as long as they did not bring harm to themselves or to others. I would kiss and hug those whom I love dearly because I have always thought what if there would be no tomorrow for me ... what if that would be my last hug or kiss? *sigh* .... although sometimes I wish ...... they would hug and kiss me first. *smile and teary*


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