We have innovation exhibition at the college where I am teaching today. I didn't have time to visit all booths but there were a couple of booths I visited displayed 'big book'. One is done for English language lesson and the other one is for special education kids. The students in the first booth I visited were not able to tell me the angle of innovation they had done in developing the book whereas the students in the second booth were not able to tell the benefits of the innovation they would expect the children would experience as a result of the big book they 'innovated'. My answer to their inability to answer my questions was because they 'innovate' the big book without analysing the needs of the end users. They need to do needs analysis in order to come up with the solution to the existing problems among learners. On the other hand they came up with the 'innovation' just for the sake of doing it. Designing instructions must be based on learning theory and instructional model and based on the needs of the learners.
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