Unconditional love

If it is not meant to be then it is not meant to be... no question asked. Just be grateful for the world is only a pit stop and it is better aiming to live gracefully in the eternity. Some are lucky... their love is mutual ..
  • they get to recharge or be recharged
  • they get to complement each other
  • they get to scratch each others back
  • they get to feel appreciated when they are together
  • they get to hear assuring words and feel assuring actions
  • they get to be persuaded every time they are sulking
  • they get to be pampered and treated with love and respect
  • they get to feel complete even if they are far from perfect
  • they get to accept each others shortcomings without complaints
while others ... often times their love is one-sided ... they give their all but they receive so little in return.... they don't complain because to them, their love is unconditional ...
  • they self-charge
  • they complement the other
  • they scratch the other
  • they show appreciation to the other
  • they give assuring words and do assuring actions
  • they self-heal and find happiness within themselves
  • they give their love, commitment and respect to the other
  • they accept the others' shortcomings with open hearts and minds
  • they feel incomplete whenever they are together
  • they feel their presence is taken for granted
Love should be unconditional, treated with respect, felt and heard. Love requires faith, trust, sincerity, tolerance, acceptance, loyalty as well as emotional and physical sacrifices. Love doesn't need to be showered with material wealth. It needs some understanding, considerations, compromise, touch and care. Love does not necessarily be mutual even though it hurts. Some times, we are in love and yet we feel lonely. Some other time, love is for you to let go and often times you just have to make some time hoping to let it grow. What others thought of us are wishes that we hope they are true. But at times, they are just too good to be true. Wallahua'lam
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